Simple Future Tense – Using ‘Will’ in English Sentences

In this English speaking course (video), you will learn how to use ‘Will’ in Simple future Tense to form English sentences. This English speaking course will help you learn English Grammar rule and English tenses in Hindi. This Spoken English video by Michelle will help your understand in which situations you can use the Simple future tense. These English speaking tips would help you to speak fluent English and improve your English speaking conversation. This English speaking lesson in Hindi is developed by Let’s Talk English speaking institute Mumbai.

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How to use ‘Will’ in Simple Future Tense sentence?

Will is used to guess something in the future.

  • I will rain tomorrow.
  • You will come late tomorrow.
  • I will fail again.

Will is used to make immediate decisions

  • I will pay for the tickets by my credit card.
  • I will call you tomorrow.

Will is used to show willingness ( इच्छा जाहिर करना)

  • I will do the cleaning up.
  • He will carry your bag.

Will is also used to form negative sentences.

To form negative sentences use – Will not (Won’t)

  • I will not leave until I see the manager.
  • Your child won’t ever finish the homework.

Using ‘Will’ to for questions

  • Will you be free tomorrow?

Use (What, Why, When, Who, Where & How) + (Will) to form Future questions

  • When will we meet again?
  • Where will be our next trip?
  • Why will you be busy tomorrow?
  • Who will be the new Prime Minister of India?
  • Her parents said ‘No’, how will you marry her?

Will is also used to invite someone (आमंत्रण देना)

  • Will you come to dance with me?
  • Will you marry me?

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