सीखों English के 35 Slang Words – Smart English Sentences

In this English speaking practice lesson in Hindi you will learn 35 English slang words, What are slang words, these are words that are used informally in spoken English, they are either combined from different words are just originated out of a causal conversation. They have no place in the English dictionary. However, in modern English they are accepted in day-to-day English conversation and are mostly used by fluent English speakers. The motive of this English lesson is to make you aware of such slang words, so that you are not lost when you hear such words, as you would never find them in the dictionary.

Your English trainer Kabir, will teach you the meaning of these words and give you English sentences for practice. He will also explain you the Hindi translation of these words and sentences.

Practice sentences from the Lesson

Hi, what’s up?

Hey Hi, I am cool and you?

Yuck- disgusting/ bad / बोहोत बूरा     

This Pizza is yuck.

Zapped- Tired / बोहोत थका हुआ

He was totally zapped from running around all day.

Wimp – Cowardly person / कायर इन्सान   

He was a wimp, who was scarred of his own shadow.

Vibes / General atmosphere / मेहसूयित

He was getting some weird vibes from the room.

Weird – अजीब

He is weird.

Up- Feeling cheerful/ अच्छा महसूस करना

I’m been feeling up ever since the summer started.

Shades – Sunglasses/ कला चश्मा

That dork wears shades even in the night

Dork- बेवकूफ

He is such a dork.

Sucks- Unacceptable / ना मंज़ूर

The food in the plane just sucks.

Rocking – Great / बढ़िया

Kapil dev was a rocking captain

Quick buck – Easy money / आसान पैसा

To earn a quick buck, he is thinking of some clandestine jobs

Clandestine – अवैध/ प्रतिबंधित

Pad – रहने की जगह

Ibrahim has an awesome bachelor pad in the city.

Awesome – बोहोत बढ़िया

Bachelor- अविव्हाहित

Plastic – Credit/ debit card

Gradually India will start using more plastic instead of cash.

Gradually – धीरे धीरे

Nuts बेहूदा

You must be nuts to try that climb in this weather.

Lame – बेकार

That was such a lame excuse

Excuse – बहाना

Don’t give me that line.

In – फैशन में होना

Strips are in again for this summer.

Jam – संगीत बजाना / मुसीबत में होना

They got into a jam with the police while we’re having a jam session.

Hangout किसी जगह पर वक़्त बीतना

We usually hangout at around the soda water shop near the 3rd cross lane.

Cross lane – चौराह

Go bananas- अनियंत्रित होना

The kids went bananas when school got cancelled because of the storm.

Flix- Movies/Films

She went to the flix with her best friends

Eyeball – निहारना

All girls were eyeballing the exchange student.

Eye Popper- आचर्यजनक

The display for the store was an eye popping success.

Dough – Cash/Money

I lend her some dough last week.

Couch potato- आलसी

Ever since he lost his job, he’s turned into a couch potato.

Cheesy- Over used/घीसा पीठा

She was tired of hearing cheesy pick-up lines

Beemer- A BMW car

He kept driving around the block to show off his new beemer.

Ball- a good time/ मजेदार समय

The kids had a ball at the party

Air –head- बेवकूफ

She’s such an air-head, she keeps forgetting to get her books.




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