Happy New Year (2018) wish करने के १५ नए तरीके सीखों

Happy New Year wish करने के १५ नए तरीके सीखों – English Speaking Practice Lessons in Hindi

First of all, I want you to wish you a Happy New Year (2018) well in advance. In today’s English speaking practice lesson I am bringing you English sentences and Phrases that you could use to wish someone in the New Years. Are you bored of forwarding the same messages you receive on SMS or WhatsApp, Why not learn some new English sentences to wish Happy New Year. In this spoken English lesson you will learn 15 English sentences to wish the New Year to your loved ones, office colleagues, friends & family. Also, you will learn some vocabulary related to the new years.


English Sentences from the Lesson –

  • Have a prosperous new year.
  • Have a new year filled with happiness.
  • Have a good fortune.
  • I wish you happiness in the year to come.
  • May your dreams come true in the year ahead.
  • Wish you a smashing new year filled with laughter.
  • Season greetings & best wishes for the new year.
  • Have a joyous one.
  • Wish you the biggest slice of happiness in the coming year.
  • I hope the new year is your best year yet.
  • May the force be with you.

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