Letter ‘A’ के 5 अलग pronunciation सीखों– Improve your English Pronunciation

In this free English speaking practice lesson you will learn how to pronounce the English letter A in 5 different ways. In this Spoken English lesson in Hindi your English Teacher Michelle teaches you the 5 different pronunciation of the letter A, you probably know  that the letter A is pronounced as it is, but as the letter A comes at different positions  in a word the pronunciation changes. It’s important to learn the correct pronunciation as you might make mistakes pronouncing words with the letter A when it’s comes at different positions. This Free English speaking lessons is particularly developed for Hindi speakers to improve their English communication skills and speak fluent English confidently.

A – Pronounced as ए

Ban –  रोख लगाना

Lab –  लेबोरेटरी

Lap – गोद

Van –  गाडी

Wax – मोम

A – Pronounced as आ (aa)

Bar – रोखना

Cast – सांचा

Fast – तेज़

Jar – पानी का घड़ा

Last – आखरी

A – Pronounced as अए (ae)

Dare –  हिम्मत

Fare – किराया

Rare –  अनोखा

Bare – नंगा

Pare – छिलना

Ware –  सामान

A Pronounced as ऐ (ai)

Game-  खेल

Imitate – अन्तरंग

Translate – अनुवाद करना

Migrate – विस्थापित

Sale –  बिक्री

A pronounced as  ऑ (au)

Bald – गंजा

Halt – रूकना

Gall – गुस्सा आना

Odd Ball –  अजीब

Cat Call – सीटी बजाना

App All –  गुस्सा दिलाना

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