How to properly use ‘If’ & ‘Whether’ in spoken English

In today’s English Lesson you will understand the difference between‘If’ and ‘Whether’ and how to correctly use them in conditional sentences. Although in informal writing and spoken English the two words are used interchangeably, but its better to understand the difference. Sometimes if and whether are interchangeable, but sometimes using one or the other will change the meaning of your sentence. So, watch this complete English speaking lesson in Hindi and clear your confusion. This lesson is explained in Hindi by your English teacher Myra, with a lot of example sentences for better understanding. 

You are watching this lesson on Learnex. We have a library of more than 500 English practice lesson in Hindi with meanings explained in Hindi to learn English fast and easy. Our each English class would provide you with English phrases and practice of English to be spoken in the real world and bank po and competitive exams with translation in Hindi. Our English speaking study topics such as , Grammar rules, English conversation practice, IELTS preparation, Improving English fluency etc to make you speak english fluently and confidently.

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