Make के 8 अलग मतलब और 25 Smart English Phrases To Speak Fluently & Confidently

Do you want to speak fluent English faster? If the answer to this question is ‘YES’, then stop learning only Grammar and start to practice speaking English. If you have noticed Fluent English speakers make use of phrasal verbs in their conversation. These are smart English phrases formed by combining a verb with a preposition or an adverb. These short English conversation phrases are easy to remember and convey many things smartly. If you learn approximately 500-700 such phrasal verbs, I guarantee you, you will soon start speaking English fluently and confidently.

In this English lesson I have covered 8 Such Smart Conversation Phrases with the verb ‘MAKE’. You would be surprised to see, how you could make so many different phrases with the word ‘Make’. I have provided you with more than 25 example sentence for conversation practice. Let me know in the comments, how useful was this lesson and If you would like to watch more such lessons to improve your English fluency.

MAKE UP-forgive each other

  • The couple decided to make up after last night’s fight.
  • Hey, why don’t you boys just make up and forget everything?

MAKE UP FOR-Compensate for

  • I didn’t exercise last week, but this week I made up for it.
  • We need to make up for the loss due to our negligence.

MAKE OF-Understand

  • I don’t know what to make of her behaviour
  • Mr Kimmer is strange, what do you make of him?

MAKE OUT-Decipher/see clearly

  • It’s hard to really make out who’s standing in the shadows.
  • No one can make out my handwriting.


  • She made up a nice story when she was asked about being late.
  • Stop making up stories! We know you did it!

MAKE OFF-Hurry off, escape

  • The pickpocket made off with the wallet, there’s no way we can find him
  • Let’s make off before anyone finds out.

MAKE FOR-Move towards

  • Please make for the door to your left to find your room.
  • I’ll have to make for home or my mom will be worried.


Make DO- Adjust

We have to make do with whatever little we have.

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