English lesson – Visiting a doctor (विज़िटिंग अ डॉक्टर)

In this spoken English lesson ( learn English through Hindi) by Sonia, you will learn some useful English expressions used while speaking to your doctor. These English phrases would help you to explain your doctor in English about the health issues you are facing. Look at the phrases below and practice them.

I have a fever

आइ हॅव अ फीवर

I am feeling dizzy

आइ ऐम फीलिंग डिज़ी

My stomach hurts

स्टमक हर्ट्स

Please give me mild dosages

प्लीज़ गिव मी माइल्ड डोसेजीस

I have a bad headache

आइ हॅव अ बॅड हेडएक

My neck is stiff

माइ नेक इज स्टिफ

I have a runny nose and congestion

आइ हॅव आ रन्नी नोस आंड कंजेस्षन

My back hurts all the time.

माइ बॅक हर्ट्स ऑल द टाइम

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