ऐसे ही सीखोगे Fluent English बोलना – MIXED PHRASAL VERBS

I am sure you want to learn speaking fluent English and you are doing a lot of English speaking practice. But, Are you learning English the right way? If you notice Fluent English speakers, they often use phrasal verbs in their English conversations. How many Phrasal verbs do you use in your daily English conversation. I am sure not many, These smart and short English phrases would would make you English sound better and fluent. In this English speaking lesson in Hindi, I have listed around 10 such English phrases for conversation practice. I have provided you with Plenty of example sentences to for practising conversation. This Spoken English lesson is the third one in the series of Phrasal verbs. Use them in your spoken English and let me know in the comments If you would like to watch more such English lessons to improve your English fluency.

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