Difference Between the Verbs  See, Look & Watch | Common Mistakes In English Speaking

See, Look and watch are common verbs in English and are used in our daily English conversation. Beginners in English make some common mistakes while using these verbs and think that they can use them interchangeably. Avoid these common mistakes in spoken and written English and understand how to use see, Look and Watch correctly. This is not exactly an English Grammar lesson, but it would help to write grammatically correct sentences using these verbs.

In this English class your English teacher Aakash has explained you the difference between these verbs with the help of some example sentences. Take the quiz at the end of this English lesson you understand how much you have understood this lesson. We hope this English speaking practice lesson would clear all you doubts and help you speak correct English. Do watch our other English speaking lessons to speak fluent English confidently. Only practicing English would make you fluent and you would be able to speak fluently and confidently. 


See is a verb related to feeling, sense
No decision required, it’s automatic
We open our eyes and see

  • Did you see that Ferrari?
  • Did you see Rima today?
  • I saw you at the shopping mall today.
  • On my way back home, I saw an accident. 

In all the sentences no effort is required. We just see What ever comes in from of us when we open our eyes, we use see. 


Give directions to your eyes. It’s not automatic.

  • Look at that girl, she’s beautiful. 
  • Look at that car, it’s completely damaged in the accident. 
  • Look at that Ferrari, It looks amazing.
  • Did you see Rima today? Look, she’s sitting on that bench.

Look is always used for things that don’t move. 


Concentration, Carefully, धायन से, focus से समजने की कोशिश , Moving objects , Movie, cricket match, use for TV or movies

  • I like to watch TV Programs at night.
  • Watch the veichles before crossing the road. 
  • People are closely watching the election results.
  • We stopped to watch the sunset.

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