Correct Pronunciation Of 25 Commonly Mispronounced English Words

Beginners in english often mispronounce common words in daily conversation. They are often confused about how to pronounce English words as the sound in english differ from their native language. In this English pronunciation lesson with Aakash you will learn common mistakes made while pronouncing some easy English words. Your English teacher will help you understand how to break the words and pronounce them correctly with the help of word stress to improve your English pronunciation and speak English fluently and confidently. 

In order to speak fluent English you don’t have to worry about working on your English accent, students often ask question about accent training and whether they should follow American or British accent. You need to just understand how to pronounce words correctly, once your English pronunciation is in place, you accent will even fall in place making you a fluent English speaker.

We say pronounce, pronounced and pronouncing,  but this is pronunciation ( there is no noun in this word) eg. His English pronunciation is quite good. 

Says   SEZ  Mispronounced as SAY-Z

Always remember, I say, you say, but he or she says. eg. He always says positive things, that motivate us. 

Often – अक्सर

Aw-fen or Aw-f-tun

More common with the t silent, I recommend this

EG – I Often watch movies as they are released.

Et cetera (etc) Often used as an acronym

ET-CET-RAA  AND NOT Ek – sec traa

EG – Bring apples, oranges, milk etc while coming home.

Next word that is often mispronounced by people is 

WOMEN – WI-min

Singular is Woman , but plural is Wi-min

I know it ends in MEN, you might think it’s men, but this is the crazy spelling system

EG – More and more WI-Men are joining the Indian Army.


Lin-guh-reee XX.   it is pronounced as Lawn-zuh-ray 

Female under garments 

EG –  The mall has a good lingerie store. 


Puh-lees and not police It is PUH-LEES with the stress on lees.

EG – The police is investigating the matter. 


Its not Poy-em It’s poe -um  

EG – The girl wrote a beautiful poe-um


It’s not eye-run , It is eye-en

EG – I need to iron my crushed shirt. 


Not Koo-pun. Its Koo-pawn   

EG – I have 2 free discount coupons, you can use them. 


Vee-a-kl. Often mispronounced as VEH-KL

E IS A LONG VOWEL (streched) and H is silent so you say it as vee-a-kl

EG – There are too many vehicles in my city, with causes traffic jam.


How would you say it ? The correct pronunciation is GAWN – RAA

listen to the first sound it’s ZHHH, you have put air out 

Don’t say it Genree, It means a category of something such as movies, music.

EG – What Genre of music you like to listening to.  Its Gawn-raa


The one you are watching right now. It’s VI -DI- O 


IT’S not eve-dee -oo it’s vi-di-o

EG – I Like watching English Video lessons from Learnex. 


K-aw-ment. I have many students say  K-ment , that’s wrong, Whether you use it as a verb or an noun it is always KAW-ment eg comment is a noun and to comment is a verb 

EG – We love the comments you write. 


HO-TEL This words has two syllable Ho and Tel, and it’s defiantly not Hotal, It’s Ho-TEL , tell as in Tell me, and tell is stressed. 

EG – The ho-tel stay was very comfortable. 


  don’t get Corfused with the word table, it’s tbl, In this words KUM and TBL are stressed and the F in the middle is less stressed. 


Tay-bl Its a two syllable word and the first part is stressed. 

EG – We need to buy a dinning table. 


Sweet  – A set of connected rooms in a Ho-tel and is wrongly pronounced as SUIT. Bit it’s SWEET, like the sweets we eat. 

EG – I can’t afford to book a sweet at the hotel. 


This word gives trouble to many students, Don’t get confused with long spelling. It’s REST-RAUNT and not resterant . Many people confused between Restaurant and Hotel

Restaurant – To eat and Hotel – to stay

EG – There’s a Chinese restaurant inside the Hotel. 

When you stay at the Hotel, you get a free or complimentary Breakfast. ( Say Wrong) Not it’s not Break Fast, It’s Break-fust

It’s called Break-fust

You know what I had for breakfast today , I had PEET-Sa , It not called a pee-zaa or Piza, it’s PEET-SAA.

EG –  I usually have peet-zaa for dinner. 

After my BreakFast I like to eat something sweet, so I always Have a Chocolate, ( say Wrong)

It’s Chalk-let  just two syllable Chalk and let.

EG –  I always eat chalk-let after my meal. 

Instead of having a Chocolate, I can also have a Di-ZERT  it has two syllable, starts with a di and syllable starts with a ZH sound ZERT, di-sert, This is something you have after the meal and should not be confused with Desert desert means registan,  a lot of people say desert, it’s di-zert


Dizerts are sweet, but what about this taste, It is SA-WER  some people say Sarr, that is a miseronunciation , like hot and saar soup, no , it’s hot and SA-wer soup.

I like to start my meal with a hot and sawer soup. 

Bowl – BOL

EG –  Have a hot bol of soup you will feel better.

Receipt  – re-cept  | re-ceet

some letters in English have silent letters such as ri-seet, it’s not receipt. The P is silent. 

Like when you pay a bill you get a ri-seet, 

EG – I paid my hotel bill and I got a ri-seet

EG – Always take a  riceet for my mobile phone to claim warrant in the future.

Now when you don’t pay your bill yourself in Debt 

Its DET and not debt 

EG – f you don’t pay your credit card bills you would be in debt.

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