Talking about feelings in English (टॉकिंग अबाउट फीलिंग्स इन इंग्लिश )

In this English  lesson ( Learning English through Hindi) you will learn about how to express your feelings in English. Mostly since we cannot construct a full sentence we fail to express our emotions correctly. This lesson will help you to frame sentences, also watch the lesson to understand the meanings and pronunciation of some of the emotions spoken about in the lesson.

आइ फील स्केर्ड
I feel scared

आइ फील हॅपी
I feel happy

आइ फील साद
I feel sad

आइ उम थर्स्टी
I feel thirsty

आइ उम कन्फ्यूज़्ड
I am confused

आइ उम कॉन्फिडेंट
I am confident

आइ उम फीलिन हंग्री
I am feeling hungry

आइ उम फीलिंग नर्वस
I am feeling nervous

जब आप भूतकाल मे बात करना चाहतें हैं तो

बोल सकते हैं फेल्ट मतलब महसूस

किया था
When you want to talk about the past please use the verb felt in place of feel

आइ फेल्ट कंफर्टबल
I felt comfortable

आइ फेल्ट अंगेरी
I felt angry

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