😞 ‘Sorry’ बोलने के 12 तरीके

Hello Subscribers, Welcome to Let’s Talk Spoken English institute Mumbai. In this Spoken English course you will learn how to say Sorry in 12 different ways. This English lesson is explained in Hindi for all the Hindi speakers who find it difficult to understand fast English speakers.

In life we have to sorry on various different occasions and saying the same phrase “I am Sorry…” gets a little boring and redundant. So why not learn some useful English phrases and add some variety to your English speaking. Practice the English speaking phrases as you watch them appear in this English learning video and use them in your English conversation to speak English fluently and confidently.

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Sentences that you heard in this English Lesson :-

I overacted

I am sorry for ( give the reason for being sorry)

It was my fault

I should have…. ( give reason)

Can I take that back…?

How can I make things better?

I am afraid of losing you.

I feel so ashamed.

Don’t hold any grudges.

I take full responsibility.

Please forgive me.

I apologize.

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