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Most beginners in English are only stuck with basic English words, if you notice any fluent English speaker or native English speakers, they use vocabulary that is a bit different from text book English words. These are Slang English words which are a part of normal English conversation. Just like in Hindi you have words like ‘Juggad’ which is not found in any dictionary, which means to find a solution. Similarly, spoken English is filled with a lot of slang words. In this English conversation practice lesson in Hindi, we will learn 10 most used slang words in the year 2019. As the year is about to end and you would start wishing people ‘happy new year’, using these slang words would make your conversations more interesting and you would sound more fluent in English speaking.

Do not try to find their meanings in any dictionary as you would find their meanings completely different from their slang meanings. Your English teacher Aakash, has given 2-3 example sentence to understand how to use these words correctly in daily English conversations. Make sure you use them to improve your English speaking and speak English fluently and confidently.

Spill The Tea – To talk behind someone’s back  – पीठ पीछे बात करना

  • Let’s call Rahul to know what happened, he will surely spill the tea.
  • Don’t tell Ria about it, she will spill the tea all over the office.
  • It thought it was to stay between us, how could you spill the tea?

Beat  – To apply make up/ Freshen up/ताजा होना

  • I gotta beat my face before I enter the party.
  • You look pretty tired, why don’t you go and beat up.
  • This girl in my office spends at least 5 hours just beating her face.

Snatched – To look extremely good

  • Wow! Look at you, you are looking snatched tonight.
  • I am sure you would look snatched in that shirt, don’t think, just buy it.
  • Looks like someone is looking snatched in that new haircut.

Basic  – Something that is average | साधारण/आम

  • That was just a basic party, I really expected it to be grand.
  • The returns from our Mutual funds basic, I wonder where shall we invest.
  • This is just basic, I am sure you are more skilful and can do much better.

GOAT – Greatest of all time | अब तक का सर्वश्रेष्ठ

  • This concert was the GOAT.
  • Our sales are just Goat this month.
  • The wedding I attended last evening was Goat.

Animated – To act Over the top / To show off | दिखावा करना

  • Rahul’s talks are animated, don’t take him so seriously.
  • I don’t understand why you have to be so animated all the time.
  • Life is not a film, You can’t impress me with those animated lines.

Gucci  – To say something is really good

  • That really Gucci.
  • Where did you buy these trousers, they are Gucci.
  • I wonder why is Tara’s behaviour so Gucci, I am sure he needs some favour from me.

Keep it 100 – Keep it real/घुमा फिराकर बात मत करो

  • Come on Keep it 100, Are you coming with us to Goa?
  • To keep it 100, boss is not really happy with the presentation.
  • I don’t understand, why all sales people are so pushy, why can’t they keep it real.

Ratchet – Someone who is rude/ बत्तमीज़

  • I must tell you, you are sounding quite ratchet. Why don’t you calm down.
  • The customer at the billing counter was so Ratchet, If didn’t had to pay bill, I would have not taken her shit.
  • You can be so ratchet with people all the time, correct your behaviour.

Trashy – Someone who looks bad /Speak really bad/look tense | बुरा हाल/ बुरा बोलना/ तनावपूर्ण दिखना

  • What happened to you, why are you looking so trashy.
  • I wonder what’s wrong with Michelle, she looks trashy since she’s back from the Boss’s cabin.
  • Keep you trashy comments with you, I haven’t asked for any advice.
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