How to talk about your hobbies in English?

In this English lesson (explained in Hindi) you will learn English vocabulary & English sentences to talk about your hobbies in English. Hobbies is a very hot topic, this means that that we can be asked about our hobbies anywhere, it could be a job interview or even a date. Do you know what “hobbies” means? It means our “favorite things”, for example my favorite thing is to cook, travel and eat, so these are my hobbies. Today in this English speaking lesson, with Michelle you are going to learn some English questions and answers related to hobbies.

1. Firstly, we are going to learn different ways of asking someone about their hobbies:

तुम्हारी क्या होब्बीएस है ?
“What are your hobbies?”

तुम्हे क्या करना पसंद है?
“What do you like to do?”

तुहारी किस तरह की होब्बीएस हैं?
What sort of hobbies do you have?

2. Now we will learn how to answer questions about hobbies:

मेरी होब्बीएस हैं किताबें पड़ना और मूवीज देखना
“My hobbies are reading books, and watching movies.”
और “My hobbies consist of reading books, and watching movies.”

मुझे क्रिकेट खेलने का शौक है
I’m keen on playing Cricket.

मुझे पेंटिंग में रूचि है
I’m interested in painting.

मैं बोहोत घूमता हु
I’m very much into travelling.
मुझे खाना बनाना अच्छा लगता है
I enjoy cooking.

3. Now let’s see how to converse about hobbies:

Q: तुम अपने खली समय में क्या करते हो ?
“What do you do in your spare time?”
(Note: spare time = खली समय )

A: मैं कंप्यूटर गेम्स खेलना पसंद करता हु = “I like to play computer games in my free time.”
लोगो के साथ इन्टरनेट पे चैटिंग करने में बिजी रहता हु = “I’m busy chatting with people on the Internet.”

Q: तुम मस्ती के लिए क्या करना पसंद करते हो ?= “What do you like to do for fun?”
A: मैं गाने सुनना पसंद करता हु =”I like to listen to music”

Q: अगर तुम्हारे पास एक्स्ट्रा टाइम हो तो तुम उसमे क्या करोगे ? = “If you had extra time, what would you do with it?”
A: खाली समय में मुझे खाना बनाना पसंद है = “During my spare time, I like to cook.”

Q: तुम रिलैक्स कैसे करते हो ? = How do you relax?
A: मैं टीवी देख कर रिलैक्स करता हु =I relax by watching TV
मुझे GYM करना बोहोत पसंद है उसे मैं फिट रहता हु . =I really enjoy going to the gym because it keeps me fit.

4. If you have to use some sentences about hobbies in a discussion they need to be very general. Please read further,

Making Statements:

मैं एक रचनात्मक व्यक्ति हु = I am a creative person.

मुझे हाथ से काम करना पसंद है, इसलिए मैं पेंटिंग करती हु
I like to work with hands, so I paint.

मेरे पास दिन भर कुछ करने को नहीं है
I have nothing to do all day.”

मुझे एक हॉबी ढूंढने की ज़रुरत है
I need to find a hobby.

होब्बीएस बोहोत बढ़िया होती हैं
“Hobbies are great

मेरी बोहोत होब्बीएस हैं
I have many hobbies,

काश मेरे पास और समय होता होब्बीएस करने के लिए
I wish I had more time to do more hobbies.”

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