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Hello, everyone, welcome to Learnex, where you learn English through Hindi. These free English lessons online are produced by Let’s Talk English speaking classes in Mumbai. In this Free Spoken English lesson you will learn, what are different types of exercises, Asking questions about fitness & exercise and Replying to those questions.

Walking – चलना pyuk (Verb)

Jogging – धीरे धीरे भागना

Running – दौड़ना

Sports- खेल

Player – खिलाडी

Playing sports – कोई खेल खेलना

Aerobics – डांस और म्यूजिक के साथ की जाने वाली

Home Work-out – घरपे Exercise करना

Do you exercise?

No, I don’t exercise.

Do you exercise at all?

Yes, I exercise sometimes.

Do you work-out?

Yes, I work-out.

Work-out – Exercise करना

What type of work-out/exercise do you do?

Do you do aerobics, jogging, walking, sports, cycling? Which one?

I cycle.

When do you cycle?

I ride my bicycle to work.

I play sports.

What sport do you play?

I play Cricket.

Why do you play Cricket?

Cricket is a healthy sport because it requires running.

I walk.

Why do you walk and not run?

I’ve heard from some doctors that walking is the best form of exercise.

Walking is the healthiest form of exercise.

Yes, I do Aerobics.

Where do you do aerobics?

Why do you do aerobics?

Because Aerobics is healthy.

I jog.

Why do you jog?

It feels so good after jogging for half an hour.

How often do you jog?

I jog as often as possible.

Where is a good place to exercise?

Park is the best place to exercise.

Park is the best place for exercising.

The stadium is the best place for playing the sport.

Home is the best place for home work-out.

The dance studio is the best place for aerobics.

Why don’t you do exercise?

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