Phonetics In English – Lesson 01 – Vowel Sounds | मुश्किल से मुसकिल English Word आसानी से बोल पाओगे

Do you make English pronunciation mistakes? Have you wondered why do you mispronounce English words? Well, it’s not your fault. English sounds are different from your mother tongue, so when you speak English, you speak with mother tongue influence ( known as MTI). The question is can I speak English clearly and pronounce words correctly? The answer is YES!!! In this English pronunciation lesson in Hindi, I will teach you phonemes in English, you come across some phonetic symbols while searching words in a dictionary or on Google and wonder what’s the symbol. In English sounds are recognised by symbols. This lesson with cover vowel sounds with their nearest Hindi alphabets. It will help you identify English sounds correctly and avoid common pronunciation mistakes in English.

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