Expressive English Words & Phrases – खुल के करों English में एक्सप्रेस

Do you find it difficult to express in English, maybe you don’t find the right words or phrases to express your feelings in English? In this English lesson through Hindi, you will learn some useful English expressive phrases so the next time you could express your thoughts more clearly, fluently and confidently in English conversations. Your English teacher Jenny has compiled a list of such 10 expressive English words and phrases with more than 50 English sentences for practice. Watch this spoken English lesson carefully as you are going to learn a lot of new English vocabulary and sentences which would make you fluent in English and you would gain the confidence to speak fluent English in any situation.

Enthusiastic – उत्साही

  • I am always very enthusiastic regarding my work.
  • Rehan is extremely enthusiastic for his new project.
  • I am very enthusiastic to learn English.

Talkative –बातूनी

  • My roommate is very talkative.
  • My neighbour is very talkative.
  • Jenny is not so talkative.

Inspirational – प्रेरणादायक / प्रेरणात्मक

  • All mythological stories are very inspirational.
  • The book which I read yesterday was extremely inspirational.
  • This song is so inspirational.

Flexible – लचीला

  • Rohan is very flexible.
  • You must be flexible in your thinking.
  • I have a flexible schedule.
  • My body is not as flexible as it used to be.

Impulsive – आवेक्शील

  • He told his wife not to buy on impulse.
  • Richa is an impulsive buyer.

Convincing / Convince – समझाना

  • It’s Sam who needs convincing.
  • I must convince Jenny.
  • Rohan isn’t convinced.
  • I have to try to convince Sid.
  • I hope this topic is convincing.

Emotional – भावुक

  • Amit couldn’t control his emotions.
  • Rohit made an emotional speech.
  • I am trying not to get emotional.
  • The divorce left the man with emotional wounds.
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