English practice lesson to learn 17 Short English conversation phrases

Hello Subscribers, Welcome English speaking classes in Hindi. In this English speaking class, you will learn frequently used English sentences used in daily English conversation.  These English phrases are used in day-to-day conversation and are very useful to improve your English speaking. This English speaking class is taken from our English speaking course at our Let’s Talk English speaking institute in Mumbai. Watch this English lesson carefully and understand how to use these phrases in your English conversation.

Frequently used English sentences

What’s up? ( How are you?)
कैसे हैं आप?

Nothing special.
कुछ खास नहीं

Nothing else.
कुछ और नहीं

It’s too much.
बोहोत ज्यादा

Not a bit.
बिलकुल ठीक नहीं

Pack up.
समेटना / दिन का काम बंद करना

Rest assured.
मुजपर विश्वास रखो, काम हो जायेगा

Take it easy.
आराम से लो

Here you go.
ये लो हो गया

Thanks for the favour.
मदद करने के लिए शुख्रिया

That’s enough.
आज के लिए कफ्ही हैं

Why not?
क्यों नहीं

Yes, by all means
किसी भी हाल में

How absurd?
बेकार की बात

What a pleasant surprise
कितना सुखद आश्चर्य है

Watch out
ध्यान से चलो

Listen up
मेरी बात सुनो

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