Fluent English बोलने में काम आने वाले 15 English Slang Words With Meaning & Practice Sentences

You must be wondering why is your English not sounding fluent, although you know all the grammar rules and vocabulary. If you have noticed people who speak fluent English, they make use of a lot of slang words in their English conversation. Slang words make your English sound natural and fluent. The use of slang words in English is quite common among people who speak English fluently. You must have come across a lot of slang in movies or Netflix series, I am sure that might have confused you a bit. In this English lesson in Hindi, you will learn 15 such slang words that are used in everyday English conversation. This is the fourth lesson in this series. You can find the links for the lessons 1-3 below, do watch them to make your English fluent, natural and confident.

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