Coronavirus से जुड़े Most Important Facts English Words

The Coronavirus also known as COVID19 has almost gripped the entire world and brought it to a halt. Countries have sealed their borders and people are sealed into their homes. There’s a lot of uncertainty about how long it would last. Have we ever imagined in today’s age of technology and advanced medical science, we would be confined indoors by a small virus, who isn’t even visible with naked eyes. I think nature has its own way to give it back. However, we need to fight back and fight stronger. We at Learnex believe that you English Learning journey should never stop, here an English speaking practice lesson – 25 Most important Words and Phrases you must know related to Coronavirus. In this English speaking lesson on Coronavirus, I have highlighted some important facts and useful English vocabulary related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). In this Conversation lesson you will understand the following facts-

  1. What is Coronavirus?
  2. How It started?
  3. How did it spread?
  4. Important words related to medical science.
  5. Precautions you should take care to get infected.
  6. How soon a vaccine would be available.

I hope you would find this English lesson useful and learn some great English vocabulary related to this lethal virus.

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