🤔‘Do’ and ‘Make’ में क्या difference हैं? – Learn 55 English  Sentences

In this English speaking practice lesson in Hindi, you will learn how to use the verbs ‘DO’ & ‘Make’ correctly in English sentences. These English verbs have always confused the students as they more or less mean the same thing. Watch this Spoken English lesson with Myra as she clears the difference between do and make.

How to us make in English?
I love to make chocolates.
I like to make paintings.
I like to make new friends.
‘Made’ is the past tense of ‘Make’
I made the breakfast today.
You made a promise to me.
I have made this cake with my own hands.
Made in China.
Made in India.
This ring is made up of pure gold.
This sweet is made from milk.

Making – Present continuous tense
I am making breakfast.
I’m not making things up.
I am making a phone call.
I made a phone call.
They made good arrangements.
I’m going to make an important decision of my life.
I have to make a choice between these two things.
Sorry, I made a mistake.
Let’s make some plans for his birthday.
This bike makes a lot of noise.
Her behavior made me angry.
That movie made me sad.
She always makes me smile.
He always makes everyone happy.

How to use ‘Do’ in English?
Do – किसी कार्य को करना | कुछ बनाना

Do your homework.
I did my homework.
‘Did’ is the past tense of ‘Do’
Do a good job.
We want to do business with you.
Do the exercise properly.
I am going to do the shopping.
Do something.
I’ll do everything you ask me to do.
Will you be able to do this project?
Can you do accounts well?
This can do a lot of damage.
Do you have two minutes?
Do you know me?
Do you want to come along with me?
Do you want to have something?
Do you have a lighter?
Do you have an extra cigarette?
Do you have a pen?
Do you want to go for a movie this weekend?
We did it.
Did you go to the office yesterday?
Did you call him?
You did well.

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