English Conversation at the Airport. इंग्लिश कॉन्वर्सेशन (एयरपोर्ट)

In this English lesson you will learn some useful English phrases used at the Airport counter as soon as you enter the airport. The first thing you do when you enter the airport is visit your airlines counter. The executive at the counter speaks to you to find out where are you travelling and checks your passport and ticket. So, what are the English phrases you hear at the counter, that’s what you are going to learn in today’s lesson.

English Phrases for practice :

Hi, May I have your passport and ticket, please?

हाय, मे ऑय हॅव योर पासपोर्ट एंड टिकट प्लीज?

Would you prefer an aisle seat?

वुड यू प्रेफर ऐन आयल सीट?

Do you have any bags to check-in?

दू यू हॅव  एनी बैग्स टू चेक – इन ?

The weight of your bags is fine. Do you have any hand luggage?

द वेट ऑफ़ योर बैग्स इज़ फाइन. दू  यू हॅव एनी हैंड लगेज?

This is your boarding pass, please proceed to the security, have a safe flight.

दिस इज़ योर बोर्डिंग पास, प्लीज प्रोसीड टू थे सिक्योरिटी, हॅव ए सेफ फ्लाइट.

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