‘Happy New Year’ के जवाब में मत कहो ‘SAME TO YOU’ | सीखो 25 नए Smart English Phrases

Whenever someone wishes you Happy New Year Or Happy Diwali Or when someone greets you or wishes you on any festival, the normal response is ‘Same to you’. Doesn’t that sound boring to you. English language has so many great English phrases, so why get stuck with basic English phrases. In this English lesson in Hindi with Jenny, you will learn 25 different ways to say – Same to you. I am sure you would love this English practice lesson as it was demanded by many of ou subscribers. When I started to work on this lesson, I realised that many beginners in English and not able to speak fluent English because they just keep using basic English phrases, either they are not aware of advanced English sentences or they don’t come across people who speak English fluently.

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Smart Responses : –

Wishing you a great year too.
 You too. Have an excellent year.
 Right back at you, have a splendid year.
 Likewise, Greetings for the new year.
 Hey! The feeling is mutual.
 I wish the best to you too.
 Right back at you ! You too have a good one.
 I second that, have a smashing year ahead.
 Ditto. Have a great one.
 Appreciate that ! Have an exceptional year.
 I don’t know what to say, you too have a great year.
 You stole my greetings.
 Same old, same old, Happy new year.
 Back at you, happy new year my friend.
 Same applies to you, do great in the new year.
 I wish the best to you too.
 Likewise Bro !
 Likewise, How was the New year’s eve.
 Thank you, How’s do you feel about the New year.
 Hey New, New year, it’s time to get Cracking.
 Yes, it’s another new one, the old slipped so fast.
 What’s new about the new year ?
 What’s up with you in the new year ?
 What are your plans for the year ?
 Am I going to see the new you this year ?

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