आज, कल. परसों को  English में कैसे बताएँगे – Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, Day before Yesterday, Day After Tomorrow

आज, कल. परसों को  English में कैसे बताएँगे – English Speaking Practice Lesson in Hindi

In today’s English speaking lesson in Hindi, you will learn how use words like today, tomorrow, yesterday, Day before yesterday, Day after tomorrow in English conversation. We use these English sentences in our daily English conversation when we have to talk about what we did or will do in the near future. Use the sentences from the video for practising your English speaking skills and become fluent in your English conversation.

आज – Today

I have to go to work today.

I have an off today.

I am busy today.

I am not free today.

It’s so hot today.

It’s Monday today.

I am fine today.

I am feeling better today.

It was a good day today.

It was better today.

I am tired today.

Today, I got hurt.

I fell down today.

It will be ready today.

I will do it today.

I am leaving today.

It’s my birthday today.

Today it’s my treat.

The treat is on me today.

I will call her today.

No, it will be crowded today.

It’s a holiday today.

But it’s the last day of the sale today.

What’s the date today?

It’s 23rd October today.

Where are you today?

I am at home today.

I will meet you in the evening today.

Let’s meet up today in the afternoon.

Let’s meet tonight.

Tomorrow – कल

Tomorrow, I have an important meeting.

Tomorrow, I have to go for shopping.

I am a bit busy today. Can we meet tomorrow?

Come tomorrow.

Call me tomorrow.

I have an off tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

The sale starts from tomorrow.

Contact me tomorrow.

Can we talk tomorrow?

Can I call you tomorrow?

Ask me tomorrow.

Are you free tomorrow?

No, I am busy tomorrow.

No, I am not free tomorrow.

Why are you not free tomorrow?

I have some work tomorrow.

I am not in a mood to work. I will do it tomorrow.

Let’s keep the meeting tomorrow.

I will sign it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Tomorrow is Diwali.

Tomorrow is a Holiday.

It’s my result tomorrow.

परसों – The day after tomorrow

That movie is releasing the after tomorrow.

Can you come the day after tomorrow?

I will come the day after tomorrow.

Meet me the day after tomorrow.

बीता हुआ दिन  – Yesterday

He had come yesterday.

Why didn’t you come yesterday?

It was my birthday yesterday.

I came back from Paris yesterday.

I was very busy yesterday.

I got paid yesterday.

The meeting was great yesterday.

Yesterday it rained heavily.

It was cold yesterday.

It was hot yesterday.

I was watching TV the whole day.

I was relaxing at home yesterday.

I bought this dress yesterday.

It was the last day of the sale yesterday.

Why didn’t you inform me yesterday?

I forgot to inform you yesterday.

The day before yesterday – एक दिन पहले

The climate was good the day before yesterday.

Why you didn’t come to the party the day before yesterday?

I came back from the trip day before yesterday.

I tried calling you several times the day before yesterday.

The weather was very pleasant the day before yesterday.

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