Common verbs in English – (वर्ब्स इन इंग्लीश)

Common verbs in English – (वर्ब्स इन इंग्लीश) – Learn English through Hindi

In this English lesson ( learn English through Hindi) you will learn some common English verbs that are used in every day English communication. Learning verbs is very important as they help is to tell more about the action that one is performing

To wake up  ( टू वेक उप) – नींद से उठना

I wake up at 6 every morning

To stand up (टू स्टॅंड उप ) – खड़े होना

The students stand up when the teacher enters the classroom.

To eat (टू ईट ) – भोजन खाना

I eat my dinner early.

To drink (टू ड्रिंक ) – पानी पीना

I daily drink three litres of water.

To go (टू गो ) –  कही जाना

I go to office every day at 8 in the morning.

To leave (टू लीव) – कहीं के लिए निकलना

I leave from work at 6 in the evening.

To sleep – (टू स्लीप) – सोना

I sleep after watching the late night news.

To speak  (टू स्पीक ) – बोलना

I want to speak fluent English.

To Learn (टू लर्न ) – सीखना

I want to learn cooking.

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