Asking questions using ‘HOW OFTEN’ (इंग्लिश में सवाल कैसे पूछेंगे)

In this English speaking lesson ( Explained in Hindi) you will learn how to answer the questions with ‘How Often….?’ You will learn how to use the words Always, Usually, Frequently, Rarely, Sometimes, Occasionally etc. Practice these words in English sentences to speak fluent English with confidence.

How often – कितनी बार / कितने दफे

How often do you eat fast food in a week?

In a week – हफ्ते में कितनी बार

हमेशा – Always

  • I always eat fast food
  • Whenever we go to meet them they always ask about you
  • She scores well because she always prepares well for the exams

आम तोर पर – Usually

  • He usually watches English movies
  • I usually eat fast food twice a week
  • Is this area usually so busy?
  • I usually buy clothes from this shop

बोहोत बार – Frequently

  • I eat fast food frequently
  • I travel by train frequently
  • She visits her mother frequently

अक्सर  – Often

  • I often eat fast food on weekends
  • She often goes for evening walks
  • They often meet up for coffee

कभी कभी – Sometimes

  • I eat fast food sometimes
  • They come to meet me sometimes
  • He watches football match sometimes

कभी कबार ही – Occasionally

  • I eat fast food occasionally
  • The meet each other occasionally
  • I eat Chinese food occasionally

ना के बराबर – Rarely

  • I rarely eat fast food
  • She rarely calls me
  • I rarely meet my college friends

कभी नहीं – Never

  • I never eat fast food
  • I have never travelled out of my city
  • She never forgets birthdays


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