10 Smart & Short (Fixed Phrases) to Speak Fluent English in Daily conversations

Every beginner in English wonders how to speak English fluently and confidently for daily English conversations just like native English speakers. So how should you learn and start to speak fluent English? or How should I improve my English conversation skills? I am sure many English learners have this question in your mind while learning English. In this English speaking Practice lesson in Hindi with Aakash, learn how to use fixed English phrases (3-word phrases) that are short and smart and fit in any situation. These English phrases are easy extremely easy to remember and learn. Aakash has explained the meaning of these smart English phrases in Hindi. He has give you 3-4 sentences that are translated from English to Hindi for better understanding so that you could relate to the real-life situation quite easily. He has also explained the pronunciation of difficult English words and how to pronounce them correctly in English. He has all touched up the English Grammar used while forming these sentences. 

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Done and Dusted

To finish something successfully   सफलतापूर्वक समाप्त करना / To lose everything /
सब कुछ खो देना 

The Australian team was done and dusted by the 35th Over.
I want this presentation to be done and dusted by 5PM.

All in all  – सब मिलाकर DEKHA जाए तो 

After considering everything/सब पर विचार करने के बाद
All in all our Europe trip was a great fun.
All in all the presentation was a great success.
All in all it was a great party.

Wear and Tear –  टूट – फूट / Damage happened by ordinary use./साधारण उपयोग से ख़राब होना 
Most mobile phones last for four years with normal wear and tear. 
Even after 5 years your bike looks new, there are no signs of wear and tear.

High and Dry – To feel helpless / असहाय महसूस करना / To be stuck in a bad situation /बुरी स्थिति में फंसना ( missing a solution that can get you out)

I was left high and dry in the middle of the night on the highway after my car broke down.
Sudden shut down of Jet Airways has left many employees high and dry.
Rahul took all the money from the business and left me high and dry.

Live and learn  – To learn from mistakes / personal experiences / गलतियों और व्यक्तिगत अनुभवों से सीखना 

I will never ride a bike in the rain again, I have lived and learn
You need to live and learn to succeed in life.
He’s the right candidate for the job, his CV say he’s lived and learned.

Make or Break – Deciding factor / tough situation / Great success or complete failure / निर्णय कारक / कठिन स्थिति / महान सफलता या पूर्ण विफलता

This match is a make or break situation for India, If it has to enter finals.
Think of every job interview as a make or break situation.
The public has the power to make or break a government in elections. 

Ups and Downs – Good and bad experiences / Good and bad times in life/ business/ personal relationship अच्छे और बुरे अनुभव/ जीवन / व्यवसाय / व्यक्तिगत संबंध में अच्छा और बुरा समय

Every relationship has a lot of ups and downs.
Sudden ups and downs in the stock market has left many investors confused.
You are bound to see many ups and downs on the road to success.
She stood by him firmly in all her ups and downs.

Black and White – No room for confusion / Very clear in understanding / भ्रम के लिए कोई जगह नहीं है / समझ में बहुत स्पष्ट है

A relationships is never black and white, there are many grey areas.
Don’t argue with me. The rules are black and white, and you have broken them.
Ria is still young to face life, she still talks in black and white. 

Dos and Don’ts – General rules ( not strict) General instructions/ advise/ guidelines/सामान्य निर्देश / सलाह / दिशा निर्देश

Before you use the printer, read through the dos and don’ts.
Ruchi doesn’t understand the basic do’s and don’ts of social etiquette.
Before you start working for us, there are a few important do’s and don’ts you need to understand.

Safe and Sound – Out of danger / no problem at all / to return without any problems / खतरे से बाहर / बिना किसी समस्या के / बिना किसी समस्या के लौटना 

The fire department inspectors have  checked, and the building is now safe and sound to enter.
Hey Mom, I have arrived safe and sound in New York. Will cal you later.
The lost child returned home safe and sound after 5 days.

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