1 Easy trick To Learn & Remember New English Vocabulary


Beginners in English always face a problem to learn and remember new English vocabulary for daily English conversations. So how fo you remember new English words to speak fluent english and increase your vocabulary? Well, This English speaking Practice lesson in Hindi by Aakash will tach you one easy trick, learn extreme words in English. People who speak fluent English always use extreme English words to emphasis or describe situations intensely. If you want to improve you English fluently, watch this spoken English lesson with example sentence translated in Hindi and use this simple trick to enhance your English communication faster. 

At Learnex we always make sure to bring you easy English lesson, that you could use to speak fluent English for the real world. We have a variety of English lessons covering topics such as – English Grammar, English conversation lessons, Correct English Pronunciation, Tips and trick on How to learn English faster and an easy way. Watch more than 500 English practice lessons in Hindi, that are specifically translated in Hindi for better understanding for Hindi medium students to improve their spoken English and speak English fluently and confidently.

Hot – Boiling 

  • The news on the the Rafael deal in boiling on the news channels.
  • After his insult, he boiling to take revenge.

Cold – Freeze 

  • The Income Tax Department froze the company’s bank account for tax default.
  • Freeze! Keep your hands up. 
  • My computer screen froze after downloading the new update.

Good – Brilliant

  • Aniket is a brilliant public speaker.
  • YouTube is a brilliant platform to learn something new everyday.
  • Dhoni took some brilliant catches behind the stumps in today’s match.

Big – Gigantic

  • The company has made gigantic losses this year and Amy shut down soon.
  • There is a gigantic building under construction in my area.
  • This file is gigantic to email, I will upload it to Google drive and share a link.

Bad – Awful

  • I feel awful about forgetting her birthday.
  • There’s an awful smell in this room.
  • He suffered awful injuries in the crash.

Dirty – Filthy

  • He never washed, and always wore a filthy old jacket.
  • Keep your filthy thoughts away from me.
  • You simply cannot use such filthy language in public.

Tired – Exhausted

  • The traffic in the city has physically and mentally exhausted me.
  • This phone is exhausted, I need to buy a new one before it dies.
  • You look exhausted, Is everything fine with you?

Clean – Spotless

  • I always like to wear white spotless clothes.
  • Even after 5 year the car looks spotless.
  • His reputation as a politician is spotless.

Beautiful – Gorgeous

  • What a gorgeous day it is today!
  • Last night you looked drop-dead gorgeous.
  • These chocolates are gorgeous. Try some and see for yourself .

Interesting – Fascinating

  • The movie Gully Boy has some Fascinating rap songs.
  • The history of India is quite Fascinating. 
  • This is such a fascinating lesson,  I will use every single word in my conversation.

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