मत कहो ‘Thank You’ – Learn Smart English Phrases for daily conversation

Saying ‘Thank You’ is quite common in daily English conversations. Do you only know one word to say Thank people or be thankful in English. In this English speaking practice lesson in Hindi with Michelle, learn 10 smart English phrases, instead of ‘Thank you’. We had uploaded a lesson sometime back to learn how to respond to Thank You in many different ways, you guys had requested to make an English lesson on different ways to say Thank you, so here it is. At Learnex we always make sure to bring you easy English lesson, that you could use to speak fluent English for the real world. We have a variety of English lessons covering topics such as – English Grammar, English conversation lessons, Correct English Pronunciation, Tips and trick on How to learn English faster and an easy way. Watch more than 500 English practice lessons in Hindi, that are specifically translated in Hindi for better understanding for Hindi medium students to improve their spoken English and speak English fluently and confidently.


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