मत कहो ‘NO’ – Learn 10 Smart English Phrases to Speak English Fluently

Saying NO is quite common in our daily English speaking conversations. But is there only single word ‘No’ to reject something. In this English speaking practice lesson in Hindi with Michelle, learn some Smart English phrases to say NO in English. These English phrases could be used in your daily English conversation to speak fluent and smart English confidently. This English lesson is best for beginners in English to improve English vocabulary and learn new English sentences to speak confidently and fluently. At Learnex we always bring you spoken English lessons that are useful in every day conversations and are easy to remember. Do watch our other lessons on topics such as English Grammar, English conversation lessons, Tips and tricks to learn English faster, IELTS exam preparation, Improving English pronunciation. All English lessons are explained in Hindi for better understanding to improve your English fluency and learn English easily.


Sentences for Practice : –

By no means, I am buying such an expensive phone.

By no means, i can complete this project by the end of March.

By no means, the she is going to say yes to your proposal.

I am slammed with work, I can’t come to the party.

It’s the year end and I am slammed with filing tax returns, you please go ahead with your plans.

I know its a good price for the phone, but I think, I will pass for now.

I think I will pass the offer, I am slammed with personal problems.

I wish I could come but, there’s no one to take care of my dog.

I wish I could help you but, I am not felling well today.

Thanks for the offer to watch the match, may be another time.

We are ordering Pizza, what about you. Not for me, thanks.

Do you want one more cup of coffee? No, not for me , thanks

Riding a bike is not my thing. I feel unsafe.

Bungee jumping is not my thing, please don’t buy tickets for  me.

I am sorry, I can’t join you, I have something else planned.

This weekend look difficult to visit you, I have something else to attend urgently.

This proposal looks interesting, but I will take some time to decide.

You biodata looks good, but we will take some time to shortlist candidates.

Nope, She isn’t coming

She just texted me saying – Nope.

Nah! No more rice for me, I am full.

Nah! Sweetheart, I can’t come early today, I have to submit this proposal tomorrow.

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